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Body(Face down)

Body(Face down)

50/70/90mins—-From neck to toe
30mins—-Upper body or Lower body


Heal body fatigue.shoulder,around the scapula,back,waist,buttocks,neck.
50/70/90mins—-Foot acupoint + below the knee
30mins—-Foot acupoint main

Eye&Head(Face up)

Heals eyes and head fatigue.
30/50mins—-Head + face push + shoulder + neck


Heals legs fatigue.Use oil.
30/50/70/90mins below the knee


Heals the fatigue of the arm.Use oil.
30/50mins—-Palm + up to the elbow

Foot Exfoliation

Removes dead skin from old and hardened feet. Remove with hot water and sandpaper, without using chemicals.


Aroma Oil Body

It stimulates blood flow and lymph flow with moderate stimulation and removes muscle stiffness. You can relax your mind and body with the aroma.

120/90mins–Face down–From neck to toe
→Face up–Decollete + arm
+ leg front
60mins–・Upper body–Back+decollete
or ・Lower body–Leg back and front
or ・From neck to toe

Aroma Oil Facial

Start with cleansing to remove dirt from the skin and pores, and use face massage to improve blood circulation and lymph flow.

70/50mins — Face + around the decollete + face sheet mask ※30mins – Face only


Body conditioning

Check the distortion of the body and adjust the OX leg, pelvis, and stoop. Recommended for improving posture and relieving fatigue.

Adjust your body’s distortion (pelvis) to the correct position for a beautiful posture.


Relieves tension in the muscles of the face and neck and loosens the cheek and jaw bones. You can expect a small face effect.
Adjusts bone distortion and expels body waste.
The skin quality is improved and a lift-up effect can be expected.
※Strong pressure


Made-to-order Manipulative

We provide counseling and inspection of the physical condition of the customer, create a treatment content that suits each individual, and perform the treatment. *Some menus may be covered by insurance depending on the symptoms.

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